Graphic Design-1 (Fall-2020)

Line Interval Study

Exploration of lines as a visual element to depict movement and rhythm. Students sketched several compostions based on the provided instructions. The final deliverable was a handcrafted compostion. 
Media: Black canson paper, bristol board, rubber cement, x-acto knife

Dimension: 5” X 5”

Social Awareness Poster

For this project students had to select a social issue as their subject. They had to develop idea around it and brainstorm with idea sketches. Taking photographs of the relevant objects/subjects was the next step. The final deliverable was a digital file using photoshop as the main tool for design.
Media: Illustrator, Photoshop, Photography
Dimension: 8.5” X 11”

Wayfinding Symbols for Zoo

Selected set of four animals were idea sketched, analysed and digitally designed.
Media: Illustrator
Dimension: 5” X 7”

Classical Music Poster

Poster design that translates and communicates the essence of a classical music composition. Concepts must be communicated using abstraction rather than pictorial representation. Students focused on the rhythm, position and direction of the lines and created a composition capturing the experience of listening to the specific song.
Media: Illustrator, Typography
Dimension: 11” X 17”

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