Ranjana & Light Study (Ongoing Project)
The ability of light to fall upon objects and illuminate a space is a simple yet immensely important fact. I am embracing the use of light and shadow along with ‘Ranjana’ script to create meaningful visual solutions. This is ongoing research with multiple explorations that involve the use of hand-crafted tools along with available digital mediums.

Lasercut wood and cardboard letterforms are used with different colored lights to experiment and explore the dynamic nature of light casting beautiful shadows of typography in space. The carefully arranged set-up of these shadow-generating tools can significantly change the interior/exterior of a space, add new meaning or redefine its purpose. The explorations take inspiration from several existing designs and artworks and aim to introduce the endangered script ‘Ranjana’ for its preservation and recognization.


Projection in Studio

Ranjana Script Introductory Motion Design

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