Thesis Projects

Informative Visual Design to bring awareness on
Menstruation Taboo

Thesis Projects (MFA Thesis: Book/Website/Motion/Poster)

    1.Mina’s Flow (Book Design)  

    2.Chokho/Pure (Website Design)

    3.Freedom at all Times (Motion Design)  

    4.Banished (Collage Series)

1.Mina’s Flow

(Book Design)

Mina’s Flow is a series of story books based on a young girl growing up and finding out about menstruation and the taboo surrounding it.

-Story Writing
-Book Design

a.Mina’s Flow Vol-1 & Vol-2 (Children’s Version/Nepali)

b.Mina’s Flow Vol-1 & Vol-2 (Art book/Nepali)

Making Process

Materials and Tools Explored:
Masking Tape, Washi Tape, Dyed Red Thread, Hand Sewing, Printmaking,
Acrylic and Pencil Colors, Lasercutting and Digital Manipulations

c.Mina’s Flow Vol-1 

(English Version, Accordion book)

c.Mina’s Flow Vol-2 

(English Version, Accordion book)

Riso Printed Illustrations

2.Chokho/Pure (Website Design)

This website introduces a custom addressing menstruation taboo i.e. ‘Chhaupadi’, with the goal of awareness and education on this topic. It also aims to raise fund to support the free distribution of educational materials.

3.Freedom at all Times

(Motion Design)

Collection of Quotes extracted from a New York times documentary about Menstruation taboo in Nepal. Following is the list of freedom quotes depicted in the motion piece-

1. I want girls to be free of shame and fear during Menstruation.
2. I want girls to be free of superstitious beliefs that isolate and humiliate them.
3. I want girls to have access to sanitary napkins and nutritious foods.
4. I want girls to be able to live in all the rooms of their home.
5. I want girls of future generations to have their freedom at all times.

Motion Explorations and final video

Motion Stills:

Type Posters based on Freedom Quotes:

4.Banished (Collage Series)

Collection of Quotes extracted from a New York times documentary about Menstruation taboo in Nepal. The early phase of making involved watercolor media juxtaposed with printed typography, which evolved with addition of multiple materials including burlap sac and velvet fabric on cardboard.


Final Collage / Posters

20” X 28” The final collage series is an outcome of multiple explorations on collage making process. The collage posters presented here incorporates quotations extracted from the Abstract and Introduction section of thesis writing.

Exhibition Promotional Pieces:

Exhibition Poster Series:

Glimpses of the Show:

1.Exhibition Promotion

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